Monday, January 19, 2015

Blue Bath

Did you know that blue is the most common color for bathrooms? Peaceful and serene. 

Over the years we've had several blue rooms in our house (I used to have a blue kitchen) so it's no surprise that my bathroom is wallpapered in blue. Did you really think my bathroom would NOT be blue, LOL?? But there's some green in there too.

I love wallpaper. Even if it's not in style anymore. Hope it makes a comeback. I'll be ready.  

Some pretty blue bathrooms from This Old House:

bathroom with blue walls and vaulted ceiling

a turn-of-the-century vintage-style bath with soaking tub and wood floors

reader remodel bathroom

cottage bathroom with black and white floor tile

bathroom with blue stone countertop and multicolored floor tile

Light blue painted vanity, want to do this for the half-bath  Paint color from Lowes "Park Place"

Hand me the bath salts. . . . 

1 comment:

  1. I love blue and wallpaper too. Your blue floral is sweet - love those soft shades of blue and green. I'm another who wishes wallpaper would make a comeback. It makes a room more interesting than plain painted walls.